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Gene Roddenberry's vision for the future received new life when Paramount Pictures gave the green light for The Motion Picture to begin production in 1978, sadly the movie was a disaster with Leonard Nimoy quoted as saying the movie lacked character development and was all about utilising the big budget for big effects... effects that haven't stood the test of time unfortunately. Enter Harve Bennett who was tasked with revitalising the franchise by creating a series of movies that would draw in the ticket sales.

He did just that with The Wrath of Kahn, hailing the return of Ricardo Montalbán as Kahn Noonien Singh the ruthless genetically engineered Human Augment. The events of that movie would lead to Spock's death and burial on the Genesis planet. When Spock's father insists they go searching for his body, the Enterprise crew return to the planet, destroy the Enterprise, steal a Klingon Bird of Prey which they take back in time to rescue some humpback whales and save humanity. As a consequence of those actions, Admiral Kirk is demoted to Captain and is forced to take Sybok - Spock's half brother - to the center of the galaxy to meet God.

After that dismal addition to the movie franchise, we return to strength with The Undiscovered Country which provides a nice conclusion to the cold war with the Klingons (seen throughout TOS) at Camp Khitomer which leads to the amicable relationship we see in TNG. From there the mantle is passed to The Next Generation crew who charge off for four big screen adventures including a trip to the Nexus - a place of pure energy and happiness. Following the destruction of the Enterprise-D, the Sovereign-class 'Big E' takes on the Borg, defends a peaceful people from their ruthless angry cousins and becomes embroiled in a Romulan Proconsul's plot to destroy humanity.

Nemesis, the flop that it was, saw the end of the 'prime universe' movie franchise and in 2009, a new starship Enterprise was launched with a different take on the franchise, including lens flares, an angry Spock and a destroyed Vulcan. Sherlock stopped by in the second installment to play a weaker version of Kahn and then Scotty himself brought this nu-Trek back to something more palatable with the latest installment - Beyond.
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