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Production Fortnight Delayed - Again
Lead Actor Unavailable for Original Shooting Schedule
June 12 2012
Two pieces of bad news for followers of Eternal Night... the "anchor" pieces for the season one finale (aka, 5NEWS) did not happen due to actor unavailability at the last minute. And real world issues have struck the lead actor for season two, making him unavailable for the revised production fortnight in October.

But, because I think the actor will portray Ryan Mackenzie in the way I imagine... I have decided to not recast the role, but move the fortnight to accomodate.

It's not a major issue... the release dates for the five eps won't be affected and it'll make for an awesome Christmas / New Year period.

Ryan will now also be anchoring the special 5NEWS bulletin on New Years Eve. We'll be filming that in August.

The one good thing is that there is more time to work at the second job... to save the money I need... to make the series even better!

The SFA Uplink will get some love now over the coming weeks ... and the episode database after that.
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