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Welcome to Version 10 of
Colour Drain Heralds New Era of Australia's FIRST Star Trek Fan Site
August 6 2012
Notice a serious lack of colour around the place? Well, it's designed to set the mood for the upcoming season of Eternal Night.

I didn't want to make another big change around the time of trying to get season two released... so that's why I'm giving this new design to you five months before season two begins.

You'll notice a few changes to the site - like the new "sub navigation" to the left, instead of it all being bundled into the one navigation panel.

Also, the "page header" has now been integrated into the layout, rather than just tacked on like before. And Movies now have their own section and fan series are very close to coming aboard. Explore, and enjoy!

A huge thanks to Eleanor at LCARS 47 for her awesome program and detailed information about the Library Computer Access/Retrieval System!
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