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A Week of Starting Things!
A To-Do List Only A Webmaster Can Appreciate!
August 27 2012
The rough cut of the season one finale is done... now It's time to get serious about production on season two of Eternal Night.

I'll be writing a quick summary of what's happening below each item on the list:

- Start ENTERPRISE episodes.
Promos are on-line... Click here for the main article!

Eternal Night

- Secure a fixed income stream to build the budget,
Well, it's not secure yet - but the hours are building up at job number two, which is making the bigger budget a possibility...

- Secure a studio space for the January shoot,
I'm in negotiations now to secure studio space at an Australian television network.

- Secure the sound team for January,
- Negotiate for a camera operator for the January,
- Negotiate additional crew members for January.

SciFi Sector

- Get details on the ET screening.
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