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More Eternal Night Production
220 Kilometers to 'Get The Shots'
September 19 2012
Last night and this morning saw more of the 5NEWS bulletin come together, as I travelled over 220 kilometres to get the shots needed.

A special mention to Lloyd Johnson and David Simpson for agreeing to be apart of the episode, and their patience while I set up the shot (which took longer than the recording by almost double!)

A mention too, to Ego Management here in Brisbane and Frog Management in Perth for responding to my emails and liasing with their actors... as a first time film maker, it's very much appreciated when I'm not talked down to (like a couple of casting agencies have done in Sydney and Melbourne.)

The episode - the season 1 final - is still slated for release on December 19... but promo shots and trailers should only be a month or two away!
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