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The Trekzone Spotlight : PADD Interviews Anthony Montgomery
The First Podcast
June 29 2013
In July 2003 I began a journey that has become a good part of my life, it has helped me explore new creative ideas and meet some amazing people. Now, with the help of my contacts in Australian TV, I'm branching out and beginning another exciting adventure... one that will take me to all corners of the world through the power of technology and one that will give you a reason to keep visiting - that is Interviews, an ad-hoc video podcast series featuring in depth interviews with SciFi alumni.

To celebrate this milestone, a decade in the making, I've fired up a satellite and travelled to Perth and Melbourne to meet the people who grew up and got paid to be on a Star Trek set. First up, Anthony Montgomery - the man behind Travis Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise:

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