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Axanar's Second Motion To Dismiss Denied
The Keyboard Warriors Come Out In Force
May 11 2016
On Monday lawyers from both sides of the Axanar case met in court for the first time. Buoyed by his interpretation of those proceedings, Alec Peters proclaimed that production of the feature length Star Trek: Axanar would be proceeding in the following year.

Peters' and his lawyer - pro bono attorney Erin Ranahan - have been adamant that because the feature length production had not been made, CBS and Paramount could not sue and that was a flagrant disregard for the first amendment. However, Judge R. Gary Klausner did not believe that notion and on Tuesday handed down his decision to quash their second motion to dismiss.

Judge Klausner also dismissed Ranahan's claim that because the films are a derivative of the television series Paramount has no claim to make, denying their effort to have every breach of Star Trek IP identified.

Many Axafaithful have taken to social media today in protest, claiming that they will boycott the new series:

Despite Alec Peters asserting that I was a puppet of Michael Hinman (1701news) and Carlos Pedraza (Axamonitor) in this podcast, he has yet to take any punitive action against TREKZONE.ORG or myself.
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