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Celebrating 13 Years!
Australia's FIRST Star Trek Fan Site is a Teenager
July 10 2016
It's been an amazing ride over the last thirteen years, not only have I grown into an almost thirty year old but I brought a year 10 IT project along the journey. It saw a lot of low points over the first decade, not a lot of content or direction - but it grew into something I am very proud of and something others have complemented me on.

You don't need to be 'into' Star Trek as much as me now to enjoy what I produce either, with thanks to the three year old podcast The Trekzone Spotlight that has seen a variety of predecessors come and go including the SciFi Sector, SciFi Weekly and Interviews.

I'm proud to say that after three years of solid effort on the site, I'm finally able to say that the episode reviews are drawing to a close, new content is being written off-line and plenty of exciting podcasts are still to come.

Thank you for visiting the site, and I hope you'll stick around... because I need to get the 'bounce rate' down!!

Happy birthday!
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