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The New Year is Almost Here
A Look Ahead
December 9 2016
While work continues on the back end of the mobile site (for the better part of the last month and a half) - and will eventually return to 'front of house' matters, I've put together a brief on 2017...

The Trekzone Spotlight
My video podcast series will resume in the new year with a greater focus on original and engaging content, including a special on going series on our Mission to Mars. The portal will also receive a facelift while continuing to bring you all the action from the catalogue!

Episode and Movie Reviews
I intend to wrap up DS9 & Voyager by the end of the year, but that's not to say the reviews are done. There's still Enterprise's HD offering (and recaps) as well as the movies. TOS and TNG may also receive recaps as well.

Before I delve into recaps of TOS & TNG, the long awaited database will be given a coat of paint and some much needed information. You know all that material infested with ads over at Memory Alpha? I'll bring you my take on the ships, aliens and tech of our beloved universe... ad free - always.

Trekzone Live Coverage
I was absent from the Aussie convention circuit this year, but next year I'll be back... bigger than ever before, more info in March.

That about wraps up what I'll be doing here in the new year, keep checking back as more plans come together!
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