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August 8 2017
Renowned for writing long winded articles mixing opinion and fact along with a generous helping of Axanar bias, Jonathan Lane's Fan Film Factor tries to be a source for the latest news. In a new series on, read in just three paragraphs what it takes Lane over fifty.

Following from the news that The Trekzone Spotlight and Axamonitor broke regarding the Star Trek Fan Film Academy, Jonathan began by telling us about his trip to Colorado with his family - which despite being important to him, he still felt obligated to answer "everyone[s]" questions. Apparently Lane knew this announcement was coming days in advance, but unlike Axamonitor's Pedraza he did not prepare in advance for this massive shift in CBS' position.

Needing to bring it back to Axanar and those blasted guidelines, the cash cows that drive traffic to view the copious amount of ads on his Wordpress site, he mentions the ill fated production and guidelines four times in the middle of the article. He ponders how CBS will act given that James will be in breach of guideline #5 (despite the fact they are licensing the man who has over a decade of good will to his name...)

He then goes on to chastise Pedraza for writing about Axanar for SIX PARAGRAPHS! "What do they have to do with this?" He demands, failing to realise that Alec, Crysstal and Rob Burnett all brought the focus on them by claiming that they thought of the idea first. The windbag ends his gab fest by congratulating James Cawley once again for this triumph over the CBS machine that has dampened all of fandom...

Jonathan has missed a perfect opportunity to write a news article from James' own words. Grade: B-.

Read it in full here.

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