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The Shortened Fan Film Factor
August 16 2017
Renowned for writing long winded articles mixing opinion and fact along with a generous helping of Axanar bias, Jonathan Lane's Fan Film Factor tries to be a source for the latest news. As I continue this series' of 'The Shortened Fan Film Factor', read in just two paragraphs what it takes Lane twenty five.

Nikky Synder was a prolific hater in the Wee -- Small Access Facebook group for several months. But it turns out that it was a fake account after a blatant error was discovered in one of 'her' status updates. Jonathan spends numerous paragraphs in pained outrage, even looping in other Wee -- Small Access moderators to comment.

Apparently being an editor behind the scenes makes you a TV personality - yay for me! - and you shouldn't hate Axanar. What Jonathan has failed to mention, however, is that the Axanar faithful had used fake accounts to impersonate truth tellers Carlos Pedraza, Sandy Greenberg and Terry McIntosh on the Industry Studio's Indiegogo campaign all those months ago.

Jonathan's outrage is on display about this account who tormented his dear friend. Grade: C.

Read it in full here.

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