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Netflix Releases 'Top 10 Most Rewatched'
Streaming Giant Has The Entire Catalogue!
September 8 2017

Netflix has studied the viewing habits of Trekkies and come up with the ultimate list of the episodes we love to rewatch. The list is most surprising because it's all Voyager:

As part of National Star Trek Day, Netflix asked me to compile a list of trivia questions to see just how much of a diehard Trekkie you are... see how you go:

  • Endgame
    1. What was the name of Naomi Wildman’s daughter? Sabrina
    2. The Doctor finally chooses a name, what was it? Joe

  • Dark Frontier
    1. What were Seven’s parent’s names? Magnus and Erin Hanson
    2. What was the name of their ship? The Raven

  • Scorpion: Part II
    1. What is Seven of Nine’s full designation? Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One
    2. What is the name of Species 8472’s domain? Fluidic Space

  • The Gift
    1. Who develops a crush on Seven of Nine? Ensign Kim
    2. Where does Janeway make a tentative interpersonal connection to Seven of Nine? The Brig

  • Scorpion: Part I
    1. What holodeck character does Janeway seek advice from? Leonardo DaVinci
    2. What type of creature is the protagonist in Chakotay’s fable? Scorpion

Answers are now posted!

Elsewhere on this special day, as Netflix celebrates the entire back catalogue of Star Trek goodness on their service, they produced these very clever videos:

Netflix the Klingon Way | Netflix

Star Trek Acapella "TOS Opening Theme" | Netflix

Talking Trek | Star Trek: Discovery | Netflix

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