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Once More, With Feeling: Production Update #1
We Are Go For Launch!
February 11 2018
How does that old adage go? Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk? Well get set everybody, because Once More With Feeling, Australia's next live action Star Trek fan film is coming and while it's going to be short, it's certaining going to pack a punch.

And work has been underway on the script for well over six months now, with the shooting script finally making it off the cloud and into hard copy with some awesome feedback from the cast selected to perform my words on screen.

Jeremy Levi and Vito DeFrancesco are back, once again playing Starfleet officers, this time a little closer to the end of the Dominion War (instead of just referencing it like in Eternal Night.) We'll find out some more about their characters in an April episode of The Trekzone Spotlight.

Meanwhile, fresh from her performance as Raggity Girl in Aaron Vanderkley's third Trek fan film installment - Good Men - Chloe Jean-Vincent will return to Star Trek as Alicia, a young Starfleet Academy cadet eager to learn more about a decisive and controversial battle hours after the signing of the Treaty of Bajor.

Details on the production methods to be used will be announced in an early April episode of The Trekzone Spotlight... but, as a teaser, this has never been done before... and I hope you'll like it.

More news from Once More With Feeling will be coming, so stay tuned.
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