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The Cast Is Set
Five of Six Cast Confirmed; Production in 2 Weeks!
April 6 2018
Like a freight train getting closer and closer, the stress has been slowly building as some parts of the planning process have fallen down... but within the last hour I have had the pleasure of casting two more actors into the ensemble.

Iit's been almost two months since the last casting update which means this is well overdue... but thanks to real world hassles and mountains of work at the other job it's been a tough slog to get through these crucial steps in OMWF's pre-production.

I'd like to welcome Alexander Circosta and Adam Jones to the cast of Australia's next Star Trek fan film. They'll be portraying Lieutenant William Clement and Ensign Vic Cawley respectively, and while their parts may be small, they'll play an an important part in creating a believable battle sequence.

Look out for more from Once More With Feeling as production gets closer.
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