A Polar Ring Galaxy; Space Partners? And Radio Quiet Electronics

Hydrogen surrounding NGC 4632 could make it a rare polar ring galaxy. A bubble of galaxies has been found – measuring a billion light-years across, and Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un meet at an east Russian cosmodrome seemingly to discuss space collaboration efforts… It’s Thursday September 14, these are the

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Talkin’ Trek : Strange New Worlds Season Two

Lee Sargent and Talkin’ Trek are back on Trekzone after forty months away. When we last spoke to Lee, at the beginning of 2020, we’d wrapped up our thoughts on Picard’s first season. Now, lets get going again… with the latest Trek series to wrap – Strange New World’s second.

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IncludeHer Finds Massive Gender Bias in Aus High Schools

A new report has revealed the Australian high school curriculum has a gender bias when it comes to teaching children about scientists and scientific discoveries. The study was conducted as part of the IncludeHer movement and analysed the curriculum of four STEM subjects–biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science and revealed

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Shawn O’Halloran and Dean Newbury beam in to discuss the never-before-seen police bodycam vision of the Altercation in Atlanta two years ago. This is a Trekzone First. Bodycam Vision 1: https://youtu.be/bylt1Z0EIjsBodycam Vision 2: https://youtu.be/AnqonnsCZ38

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Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Resurgence

Commander Jara Rydek takes her post as the new First Officer of the U.S.S. Resolute which has spent months in drydock following a devastating warp field experiment. Their first mission is to investigate recent hostilities between the Alydians and the Hotari. What they discover threatens the entire Alpha Quadrant…

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