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About Our Shows

A Trekzone Conversation brings you in depth interviews with science fiction alumni as well as highlighting scientific achievements and the latest in space missions.

Trekzone Plays is our home of retro gameplay with no commentary. We’ll play through games from the early 90’s to the mid 2000’s with each episode being a mission and wrapping it up with the full gameplay.

That Time When takes you through the archive of Trekzone, showcasing notable interviews that new viewers might’ve missed.

Talkin’ Science is our weekly dive into the science and space news of the week. Dr Brad Tucker beams in every Tuesday to bring us his take on the latest stories moving and shaking out in space and down on Earth.

The News is our bite size podcast bringing together the headlines of our favourite shows and movies. This fast paced podcast will take no more than 5 minutes of your time every Friday!

The Trekzone Variety Show is the latest addition to our stable with co-host Keeley joining Matt in studio to review the latest episodes from the Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel and DC universes.

That latest episodes of each series are available here for easy selection. Make sure you keep checking back though, new content is added daily at 12.30pm GMT.

$4.95 + Free Shipping

A Trekzone Conversation feature interviews

Trekzone Plays retro games with no commentary

That Time When through the archive

The News our bite size take

Talkin' Science with dr brad tucker

The Trekzone Variety Show with keeley and matt

What A Series Finale – WandaVision Wraps With A Bang

In the epic series final of WandaVision almost everything ties together, but we’re left with some pondering about Blank Vision, Pietro and what’s next for Wanda Maximoff. Plus, we take a quick recap of Superman & Lois, the next series we’re covering on The Trekzone Variety Show!

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