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Just like the season two script, and the release medium of Eternal Night – the logo has presented an interesting challenge as well.

It is the most important part of any brand, the aim of which is to create instant recognition and association with the product, and originally I thought the best way to achieve that was through the use of the traditional Star Trek font.

However, after finally convincing a long time friend to join me in the quest to make Eternal Night the best fan series on the web – he suggested a modernised version of the Star Trek: Enterprise font.

He’s also helped to create the generic image for the series… whereas before it was the starfield with planet – this new one is closer to home, sunrise from low Earth orbit. This will be popping up around the site.

Star Trek: Eternal Night now looks ready for the remaining season ahead – as TREKZONE.org relaunches and gets ready along side.

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