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UPDATE (27/2):
It’s official – Francessa Boyte joins the cast as Evie Cunningham, the fourth year cadet at the Academy. Evie will have a tough road ahead as she learns the truth about her parents, and the real reason behind the Volan Four colony incident. She’ll spend season one reassessing her choices and wondering the truth… all while trying to command her crew in simulator missions.

She’ll turn to Commandant Rotherot, James Horan, for advice too. In season two she’ll seek out the man who shaped her parents lives – played by Dan Luxton.

4 days until the Perth trip…

UPDATE (26/2):
5 days until the Perth trip… it’s going to be busy, but very productive. At last count there is a list of 14 things to do, and just Friday afternoon and Saturday to get them all done.

Plus, the audition for Evie is tomorrow morning, hopefully I’ll have a result to post here by midday Brisbane time.

The original post continues below…

There’s a lot to get through before the first frame of video can be recorded onto memory card, and it makes it especially hard when three things are working against you – time, distance from your filming locations and a lack of staff!

But despite being in the middle of a 16 day working week – progress is being made. Within 7 days a casting decision will be made on Evie Cunningham (and she’ll start filing personal logs for part 2 of season 1, from May.)

Plus, in 11 days I’m flying to Perth to lock down (at least) the location of the pub scene, confirming the sponsorship with John Hughes, meeting with the Makeup Artist to work out her budget, meeting with my soundies, scoping out exterior locations for some beautiful second unit shots and meeting with a local Perth band in the hopes they’ll agree to be the featured band in the pub…

A big problem at the moment is the lack of a studio. I’ve put the feelers out for a suitable alternative, time will tell I guess…

Plus, news has just reached me that Aussie grocery retailer Coles will be donating $50 to the catering budget… which means red frogs for all!!

This post will update as news develops…

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