The Perth Trip

There are three major aims of this weekends cross country trip:
– Confirm location for pub scene, and assess venue’s prospects,
– Confirm location for the opening scene of season two, and,
– Meet with as many cast and crew as possible.

It’s a jam packed weekend – especially while trying to cram some football action in on Sunday. It’s off to a good start, let me break it down for you:

Friday, 2 March
Morning flight to Perth and after a little hiccup at the rental car company, I was on my way at 12.20pm (70 minutes after landing…) By 1.30 supervising producer Liam was in the car and we were en route to the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle.

We scoped out their function room which the fantastic local company is loaning us for an evening – and it’s going to work wonderfully well! (See photos to the left)

Off to East Perth, where we had a look for potential locations where Ryan, Nicole and Alicia arrive back in 2012 (the opening scene of season two.) Now to take those photos and submit a filming request next week.

The day wrapped quietly, and as I type this review – my day is officially…now… 24 hours old!

Saturday, 3 March

Another productive day draws to a close. Today, I met with Dan Luxton… who has confirmed his interest in taking on the lead role of Ryan Mackenzie. I’m getting very excited now, things are starting to fall into place and the planning is coming together nicely.

I’m also looking forward to working with Dan again during the 10 day production period in July – I’m sure there’ll be a few bloopers to upload along the way!!

Location scouting for a driving scene and an “industrial park” rounded out the day. The photos I took will help to develop the storyboards and relay my intentions for filming.

Sunday, 4 March

A breakfast meeting today was the only commitment… and I’d like to welcome Jamie on board as our behind the scenes stills photographer. Jamie will work around a full time job to snap the crew and I going crazy!

Later in the day, thanks to one of our Twitter followers, I discovered a website that specialises in “holiday” accomodation – and I will be securing a great house for the most of the duration of filming… exciting!

And that is the trip! Due to family commitments, I’m having to miss meeting Kate, our make up artist, tomorrow.

In other news, I’m meeting with a client on Tuesday to see if work is available closer to home in Brisbane to enable me to work more for them, to build the budget. Details on that on Tuesday night.

That’s it for this production report…

For now though, just like the other West Aussies, tomorrow is day 3 of the weekend!! Happy Labour Day.

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