Filming Weekend

When I started out on the Eternal Night adventure, filming even one frame of season two seemed like a long time away. Especially because the audio episodes of season one were essentially outsourced, with the scripts sent away to a voiceover company who produced it and then would send them back ready to go.

And then when I pushed back the “filming fortnight” to October, it seemed like the time would never come for my first production to start rolling. But now, thanks to creating the “5|NEWS” Bulletin for the season 1 finalé… I’ve started recording footage!

Signal One, in Sydney, sell a huge range of LED lightbars and other equipment, which many of Australia’s emergency services use for their vehicles. They also design and create concept cars for use in film and television production.

The guys were fantastic and I got plenty of shots in the carpark of their Mobile Demonstrator Unit which will be the basis for A & A Security’s new cars. (You’ll just have to wait until December 31 to find out more!)

Later on in the morning it was over to Paddington and to meet up with Sam Mac, who was part of the 92.9 Breakfast team and now is the Sydney presenter for the The Project on Network Ten in Australia. Through the power of Twitter, Sam agreed to jump into the car and record a cameo for season two.

Now, I’m in Melbourne – purely to enjoy this overcast day.

The Schedule To Come:
Sunday – Back to Brisbane,
Monday – Film “background shots” for the 5|News “studio”
Tuesday – Film the presenting pieces for 5|News.

Before you stop reading, check out the latest VLOG that I recorded last night in Wollongong!

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