Eternal Night’s First Frames Roll

Ten days after the bumpy relaunch of, the flagship is about to begin filming. Eternal Night’s season one ender is slated for two principal photography days.

33 minutes of dialogue (45 minutes total time)
6 actors
5 locations

Photos to come…
The first frames rolled on Eternal Night on August 16 2012 at 16:32:21 Perth time. First up was Anna Brockway at the “Royal Rose Hospital.” Her quick pre-record was wrapped up by 17:15, from there it was time for Captain Phillip Green to “arrive in Perth” at the airport.

Followed by an in depth interview with Katie Cooper at the Mercure Hotel in the city. An under-the-weather Jeremy Levi delivered a fantastic rendition of Phillip Green (in universe we know him as Colonel Green.)

Massive thanks to Candice Barnes, Anna and Jeremy for their stellar performances.. Rob, Ethan and Kai at the Mercure Hotel plus Roshan from St John of God Hospital for looking after us and allowing Eternal Night to film.

Huge thanks to John Hughes, Perth’s best car dealer, too – for loaning me a production car to make everything over these 48 hours possible!

And we can’t get anywhere in film or television without makeup… thanks Vicki for coming on board and making everyone look even more stunning!

Tonight we’re in a carpark and outside police headquarters!

A full breakdown – and pictures – from today will be uploaded tonight. For up-to-the-minute status updates though, like TREKZONEorg on Facebook or follow TREKZONEorg on Twitter.

This post will update…

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