Live Action Postponed; Casting Agent Email Forces Halt to Production

Last night, following an email from the casting agent, I decided to postpone the live action filming of Eternal Night indefinatley.

At the beginning of the ten month negotiations with the agent to secure actors and actresses for the series, I had made an offer for each of the cast that I could no longer honour… I had made a second offer earlier this month – but that was rejected by at least two of the lead cast.

Admittedly, I was aiming very high with what I was trying to achieve, and the shooting days were becoming very long to accomodate every shot. The sets were also an issue, but I was making slow strides in making them happen.

After mulling over it all overnight, I’ve realised that this is probably the best outcome – the filming dates were getting closer, but I was nowhere near ready… even after pushing back production twice already.

However, the season one finale WILL BE RELEASED on December 19… it has come along far too much to be scraped – with final filming set to take place on December 14.

And the five scripts I have already written for the series will be converted into hybrid short stories / screenplays and released here on This way though, there can be more episodes and more settings and no limitation!

I am still driving across Australia, and taking a break from the real world for the month of January – but I will keep updating TZ where I can.

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