News Roundup – Behind the Scenes Updates

Alot’s been happening behind-the-scenes at since the April premiere of Into Darkness. Here’s a breakdown:

Convention Coverage
I’ve decided to continue convention coverage here on While we don’t get many big Trek conventions in Australia, Supanova usually delivers the goods with a couple of great actors for their cons.

The comparison of the stats from the Into Darkness premiere to my usual updates of episodes reviews saw 55, 000 unique viewers check out the site, and social media feeds. It was an incredible experience for this humble site with no marketing available to it. (Huge thanks to for their sharing too, which helped bolster the numbers!)

This has prompted me to start getting out there and investigating what conventions I can get to, and I’m not limiting myself to Australia. I was invited to the Las Vegas convention, where Avery Brookes, Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Walter Koenig and another 75+ alumni will be attending… but there are two reasons I have opted not to attend, the first being that that’s alot of crossing off of the bucket list, and the second is a clash with holidays at my other job.

Instead, I will be trying my hand at a couple of Aussie conventions this year and work towards an international trip next year.

What Exactly Has Happened to Star Trek: Eternal Night?
It’s been a long while since a public update on the TZ original series, sorry for that. My head has been swimming with ideas – some that could only ever see the light of day in an audio series… others that would see a complete 180o on the direction of the series.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but I will put some thought into it, and get back to you by July. It’s not dead.

Episode Reviews in High Definition
Yeap, it’s all over the site at the moment because it’s a huge step forward. I have not only finally upgraded the ingest capability to BluRay, but I have splashed the cash on the first 3 seasons of The Next Generation and the other two seasons of The Original Series. This means I can be “up with the times!” (TNG season one begins today.)

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