Turns 10!

Welcome to the tenth year of Australia’s first Star Trek fan site.

A Brief History:
It was a Thursday like any other, I assume (the memory isn’t too flash these days…) I was preparing to head off to school, year 11 at that time, and something must’ve twigged in my mind – “I’ve got to legitimise my endeavour.” And so, later that day I borrowed Dad’s credit card and made my first on-line purchase… a domain of my very own.’s predecessors were Starbase 211 and Starbase 311 (long since lost amongst the fragmented remnants of Geocities’ servers…) but they were only ever shells, and in fact so was this website for a long time – way past the end of Enterprise, and even the 2009 movie – although my first review for the site was published.

But late in 2011, after getting to know a man that is now a good friend (he runs I decided that it was time to start getting the “business” up and running and to start making things happen around here. Enter Eternal Night and my short lived 12 month attempt to make my own piece of Star Trek.

Valuable lessons were learnt throughout the making of the series (you can’t make a blockbuster series without spending some money…) and now the idea as it was sits shelved in a random data block on my NAS – the grand idea is still ticking away though.

The biggest hurdle for me over the years was the thought process behind the episode reviews. Why bother? Other sites have that information covered, a few with quite an amount of detail. But then last year I thought that my take on things isn’t out there and isn’t that what a good blog site is about?

So along came the episodes of Enterprise and once those four seasons were on-line I pressed onto Deep Space Nine but as I watched the second season the third season BluRay of The Next Generation came out and I thought it would be better to keep up with current releases of these great remasterings!

And it’s such a rewarding experience, the detail in the effects shots makes you believe these are being created now. (If I was to ever get a girlfriend, and she didn’t like Trek… I would start her on these BluRay’s first.)

In April this year, Paramount invited me to the premiere screening of Into Darkness and I was among the first few to see the movie in the world (for some reason they didn’t market the Sydney event as the world premiere though…)

Supanova welcomes me with open arms a few times a year, and other convention organisers are starting to see as a Star Trek fan site with a following. And that brings us to now time…

Thanks must go to my parents for their support – and my life too… my sisters, and brother-in-law for inspiration (and a place to crash in Perth always!) Thanks to my professional associates who have guided me in better ways of doing things and my friends for accepting crazy and only mentioning it occasionally, especially Liam and Tim for hardly ever mentioning my crazyness…

To the interwebs and Chris from for welcoming me on board as an editor for his podcasts (and occasional contributor in the months to come.) All of my followers on Twitter and Facebook, Eleanor and the gang at LCARS 47 for design ideas, Nick Cook for a great fan series – and setting the bar so damn high! (I’m probably forgetting people, sorry!!)

And finally, a message from me… no girlfriend or family member will ever stop me from editing this site – interrupting, probably, but definitely not stopping me.

So, Here’s to the next nine years.

To Star Trek.

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