Supporting Movember ’13

November is a great time of the year. For my friends north of the equator, it’s coming into winter time, Thanksgiving then a white Christmas for some and for us “down under” it’s almost time for summer… long hot days, afternoon storms in the tropical areas and cricket. We love a good bit of cricket.

Before all that, though… and for the first time on the site… there is a cause I want to support, and I’m asking for your help. I want to grow a moustache. Why? you may well be asking yourself. Well, it’s all in support of ‘Movember.’ Who promote mens health, and support inovative ways to research cures for ailments that afflict us (and no, not the man flu… although a team of lady doctors are onto it!!) We’re talking the stuff that phyiscally and mentally hurts us, cancer, depression and all that icky stuff.

See, us blokes don’t have a lot of time for feelings… and talking about those feelings. But we should, it’s good to talk about stuff. Now, over the next 30 days of Movember you will see one pic a day of my beautiful mug as I try to grow one of these fanciful symbols of masculinity… although it won’t be as good as Tom Selleck’s…


I mean… look at that thing all bushy and thick and manly. Erm, anyway…. please check back here daily – or like / follow me on social media to get the latest!

And don’t forget, any donation of spare change you could spare through PayPal (or credit card) to our team would be greatly appreciated!! This is a worldwide project, I just happen to be in Australia!

For more on Movember – check out their website here.

If you need to talk, in Australia – call LIFELINE on 13 11 14
or around the world – visit your health care professional or GP.

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