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The TARDIS In Sydney – Doctor Who World Tour In Australia

Yesterday BBC Worldwide put together a little shindig for Australian media, including a screening of the premiere episode of the new season of the British classic scifi show Doctor Who, followed by a Q&A hosted by Adam Spencer from the ABC. Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi, the main cast of the new season, were in attendance and’s resident cameraman Liam flew over for the occasion.

Filming for the latest season began in January and wrapped last Wednesday then, without a break, Peter and Jenna began the world tour. At the beginning of the season Peter and Jenna were polite with each other, but after a few days they bonded quickly. Partly thanks to the exposed position this role puts them both in.

“We enjoy working with each other too much.” Peter said of Jenna.

Peter noted that the inside of the prop TARDIS needs a fire and a kettle, because it’s a bit awkward when they have to stand inside during filming (!) He said ‘there’s no room to move’… making it especially so when there’s a crew member in there too.

Doctor 13’s first appearance in episode 1 was the first scene they filmed. In fact when Jenna learned it was Peter getting the role he wasn’t one of the names she had heard thrown around. Peter was thrilled that nobody was on to him, but also “slightly peeved and insulted.” (Laughs from audience.) Coincidentally Jenna & Matt learned on the day Charles and Camilla visited the DW set. Moffat took them upstairs to tell them privately.

For a bit of fun, Peter would go to a popular comic book store and stand around close to people browsing through Doctor Who magazines, they of course having no idea they were standing next to the new doctor! Peter had never thought about how he would play the titular character, in fact he never thought that he would. So he’s been working to create ‘his’ own version. For some research, Peter has spoken to Matt Smith and David Tennant about playing the Doctor. The role certainly brings a new level of visibility he hasn’t had before.

Enjoy the following snaps, with full credit to Liam Kyle.

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