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Michael Gummelt Explains His Pitch – EXCLUSIVE Details About A Potential New Trek TV Series

“I think Star Trek has to come back to TV… You can have TV and movies happening at the same time.”

You probably don’t recognise the name Michael Gummelt but he’s a fan of Star Trek (like most, if not all, of us.) He’s also had the opportunity to be part of the writing team on the first person shooter Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force. With his love of Star Trek he penned a new series… fleshed out the plot and characters and then put it all on-line.

Originally his series was called ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ but with the thirteenth movie coming up also by the same name, he’s changed that to ‘Star Trek: Uncharted’ about a crew on a new U.S.S. Enterprise travelling to the Andromeda galaxy to seek out new life and new civilisations. Boldly going like the original series, this one however is set 200 years after Kirk, Spock, McCoy and our original starship.

“Let us explore another galaxy. And really meet something new and different and maybe a little scary.”

In the latest Trekzone Spotlight, Michael joined me by phone to chat about the pitch and why he wants to see our beloved franchise on TV again. He shared very similar thoughts to my editorial a few weeks ago where I expressed a desire for Paramount and CBS to tackle the franchise as Marvel and DC have done – with a whole universe being created across TV and film.

He’s not sure if his pitch will be successful, but all of our fingers and toes should be crossed so that we can see Star Trek on TV once again. He even expressed interest in sharing the franchise with Captain Worf which would just be gluttony for Trekkies everywhere!

And we also got a little excited with some ideas about running concurrent shows and movies. So click below for the podcast video.

A huge thanks to Michael for giving up an hour from his holiday, and to Candice for her guidance and advice.

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