Reflections with Larry Nemecek

For the first time in’s history, I have been in a position to be able to express my sadness about losing those who helped bring a show that I enjoy to life. James Doohan passed away in 2005 and I had worked with a Texas based journalist to provide coverage of a mission to launch his ashes into space, but due to the passage of time that has been lost. Majel Barrett passed away in 2008 and was off-line.

But with the loss of three alumni this past fortnight, I’ve been fortunate enough to get Larry Nemecek, editor, producer, contributor, actor, archivist and generally an authority of all things Trek on Skype to spend half an hour chatting about how Maurice Hurley, Harve Bennett and Leonard Nimoy helped sculpt Star Trek into the modern icon it became. As with all good discussion about the people involved in Trek, we go off on a tangent about the next series – but it all circles back to realistion that without those lesser known men – Maurice and Harve – we would not have anything more than the original series to talk about.

This will be the last vodcast titled Interviews – coming soon (before Oz Comic Con Perth in April) will be a new title.

Thanks to Larry for slotting in the chat amongst his busy day with and other podcasts too!

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