Mike Bawden & Carlos Pedraza Respond to Alec Peters

In Axanar, The Trekzone Spotlight

After making a Spiral Media road trip a priority and rebuilding a badly damaged edit suite, this edition of The Trekzone Spotlight is being released a lot later than I had originally intended and it’s the first time since 2011 that I’ve promised to do something and have failed deliver… for that I am sorry, because I know there are many people who have been anticipating this.

So without further ado, it’s out… click here to watch it now!

In this one hour ten minute edition of The Trekzone Spotlight, Axamonitor’s Carlos Pedraza and I are joined by Mike Bawden, the Axanar spokesperson and PR manager. Alec’s passive agressive defence to me about his comments over the last few months are responded to by Mike throughout this podcast with Carlos providing a very keen insight into the finer details.

Carlos runs Axamonitor.com, a website dedicated to providing every fact of the ongoing lawsuit, providing evidence to back up claims and debunk purported facts of the case. Previously Carlos has worked as a journalist and he wrote several episodes of Hidden Frontier and New Voyages, as well as working as a producer on the later fan production.

Be sure to catch The Trekzone Spotlight with Mike Bawden and Carlos Pedraza now!

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