In May

With just a few months until the official birthday of Star Trek, I’ve got just enough time to wrap up the episodes reviews that started way back in September 2012 with Broken Bow. I’ve got the final seasons of Voyager and Deep Space Nine to review and cap, and I’ll do that in May.

Actually, looking back at that first batch of episode reviews, and the layout, there certainly need to be some adjustments made… I’ll try to get those done too – and the movies!

Elsewhere I’ve refreshed the Podcasts Microsite with a more mobile friendly version after realising it doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to give you links to the podcasts. Temp images are in for the next podcasts, the three week roadtrip featuring Ironfest and Canberra. I’ve also added my chats with Rod Roddenberry, Alec Peters and Axanar Part Two.

The Trekzone Spotlight is going to have a quiet month, as I look into the potential of heading to Oz Comic Con Melbourne in June (more on that later in the month.)

Another impressive month, 4, 828 pageviews from 2,196 visitors. Facebook saw a 9.6% rise of new likers, a 445.2% rise in page engagement and a 19.5% increase on total reach month-on-month. Meanwhile, on Twitter reached almost 47, 500 users with close to 77, 000 impressions.

On YouTube, my two part Axanar coverage and two videos from the road have been watched over 4,200 times… with a total of 55, 459 minutes watched, 5, 414 views and 65 new subscribers in the last twenty eight days.

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped make April another big month!

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