The Trekzone Spotlight with Vic Mignogna – Continues EP Makes A Stern Point About THAT Production

In Axanar, The Trekzone Spotlight

For a long time, today’s guest was on my wish list and I’ve finally had the opportunity to e-meet and interview him for The Trekzone Spotlight.

Vic started his working life as an Ocean City police officer before moving to Texas to pursue his career in film and television. To Trek audiences, he’s better known as Captain James T. Kirk on the fan series Continues. He talks about his life, his voiceover work and Continues, as well as some words on Axanar.

I’d like to thank Vic for taking the time to sit down and have a chat, and I appreciate his trust in me to produce this podcast true and honest to our pre recorded chat, and since we recorded this two days before the guidelines came out, Vic has sent me a statement to serve as an addendum:

Watch The Trekzone Spotlight with Vic Mignogna now!

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