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Eternal Night Retrospective

2018 marks fifteen years since this website began and it’s time to expand on the content I’m supplying. You’re going to start seeing a lot of fresh content, as well as some updates of old stuff.

Patreon is a membership platform designed to help creatives get the most out of the content they produce. For me that means helping to cover overheads because, while I’ve always done it because it’s a hobby I love and I will continue to do it, if I get some of you to support me that’d sure be swell!

While patrons will get early access and some other benefits, nothing will change if you don’t want to pledge and I won’t hold it against you! Head over to the new Patreon page for all the details.

I’ve put a lot of thought into how I want to release these episodes to you, and I’ve decided that the original screenplays are the way to go… you’ll get to see exactly what I was hoping to achieve (some would say over achieve) with my first foray into the live action fan film genre. The lost six episodes will be released every Friday starting December 1 over in the TZ Fan Films section.

Here’s where the ‘updates of old stuff’ comes in. Five years ago I started reviewing the episodes of Star Trek beginning with Broken Bow and a lot has changed in the space/time continuum since then… I’ve improved my work flow when dealing with the screencaps allowing more and more caps per episode, I’ve also changed what I want to cover with the reviews. So it’s time to start again and progress through the pages, tightening any code that’s come loose, updating certain graphics to fit the theme as it’s evolved etc.

Oh yeah, and also providing the screencaps in HD with the new BluRay release! That all kicks off from December 1 over in Enterprise.

You might remember my twelve episode foray into a more regular podcast which concluded with an epic three part road trip to a Medieval Festival and Australia’s capital Canberra… well 18 months since that wrapped I’ve come up with another idea, but this time it’s more manageable because it’ll be focusing on dissecting each and every episode.

They’ll be short pieces presented by me in the studio featuring tidbits of information about the production, key points to take note of (things that’ll come up again in future episodes, or interesting nods to past series etc.)

This is an evolving beast and full details will be worked out after I film the first few episodes, this podcast begins on January 1!

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