Axanar: The Settlement – Fan Film Escapes Court Appearance, Extended Coverage

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As the dust clears on the massive announcement that CBS, Paramount and Axanar Productions had reached a settlement agreement, I’m working on providing a comprehensive wrap up of what this means for Axanar and fan films in general. With thanks to my studio crew in the US, I’ll be joined by The Hollywood Reporter’s Eriq Gardner for the first Trekzone Spotlight of 2017, available from Tuesday morning Australian time.

Then Axamonitor’s Carlos Pedraza and Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett will provide their insights and thougths on this development in seperate podcasts later in the week. It’s been a drawn out process to get to this point, but now that we are here it’s time to take stock and move on with loving Star Trek.

UPDATE TWO – 27/1:

Prelude to Axanar director and co-writer Christian Gossett joins me to continue the Axanar: The Settlement coverage. Christian and I hold an open and frank discussion about the lawsuit, the mistakes made by Alec Peters following the success of Prelude and what’s next in this saga. Christian also touchs on his work outside of the fan film. (Editor’s note: My apologies to Christian, during the podcast I neglect to mention that he also co-wrote Prelude.)

UPDATE ONE – 23/1:

Eriq Gardner sat down with me earlier today to share his thoughts on Prelude to Axanar and the wider implications of the decision to settle the case. Eriq has been covering the case as a journalist at The Hollywood Reporter and while he’s not a fanatical Trekkie, he has a passing interest in the franchise and what this case means for the fans.

This post will update.

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