CBS Up Fronts: Star Trek: Discovery

Entertainment Weekly has released this first look at Star Trek: Discovery.

And that’s how you show clients and advertisers (investors, you might say) your product. Not with passive aggressive social media posts, or snarky comments posted moments after a detractor calls you out on something that you’ve failed to do, still… despite promising to do it.

I said it before, I reiterate it now – Welcome Star Trek: Discovery! From the brief glimpse we saw as a 16 second phone recorded was posted on Twitter (now seemingly deleted) we understand why the above photo was released yesterday, and now that CBS has released the trailer on their website I must say I’m intriqued.

While the trailer has a very Kelvin-universe feel to it, with odd looking Klingons, a ship that bucks TOS convention and aliens we’ve never seen in Trek before, I have to ask why, oh why, did they have to pick this time to rebuild the franchise? Why couldn’t they have gone to 2410?

It’s an awesome trailer, it is Trek and I will watch it, and I will keep an open mind. At least I haven’t bought these guys sushi, car tyres and health insurance…

Check out the trailer here:

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