Saturday, June 15 2024 18:34 AEST

Forthcoming Episodes

Despite the recent news that the Trekzone production camera and tripod were on the operating table getting much needed servicing after some unfortunate knocks in Perth, the show must go on…

And go on it will, I spent the afternoon talking with Professor Tamara Davis who you might remember from the episode paying tribute to the life of Stephen Hawking back in March.  Tamara is working to understand gravitational waves, black holes, dark matter and dark energy.  It’s a fascinating topic that she is obviously very passionate about, and I can’t wait to release the two part interview.

Also ‘in the can’ are my chats with Gary Davis about the exciting funding news for The Holy Core and a group chat with the gang from The Fall of Starbase One, including Perth film maker Aaron Vanderkley.  Between those two and myself, we’re fan film makers getting it done – and done right – without the fuss or constant delays.

The weeks ahead are as follows:

  • Saturday, 12 May : EXCLUSIVE: The Holy Core Gets Funded
  • Thursday, 17 May : On Set With Aaron Vanderkley
  • Thursday, 24 May : The Search For Gravitational Waves (Part I)
  • Thursday, 31 May : The Search For Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy (Part II)
  • Thursday, 7 June : Once More With Feeling: Production Update

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