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Production Delays

Wednesday, May 9 2018

Unfortunately, serious damage to my equipment has forced a rethink to the next couple of weeks of episodes of The Trekzone Spotlight.

A couple of weeks ago, while on the filming roadtrip in Perth, the camera and tripod suffered some critical damage that has seen them sent off to the repairers. However, I still have every intention to release episodes every Thursday, starting with tomorrow’s episode featuring the exciting news that Gary O’Brien has received a donation of the full budget from one individual. That will be delayed from the usual 07.30 release time however.

Next week, the final piece from the Perth trip – Aaron Vanderkley and cast on set of The Fall Of Starbase One. And the following two weeks will feature Professor Tamara Davis, who I last spoke to discuss Stephen Hawking’s legacy. We’ll be chatting about her research into black holes, Hawking radiation and more.

Further updates as they come to hand.