Saturday, June 15 2024 17:23 AEST

Mea Culpa

So, a few events happened over the last few days that have resulted in a mutual escalation on both sides of the Axanar fence. It all started when I felt the need to respond to Alec Peter’s insults.

From there, Alec decided to forward me an email showing what he claimed were emails he receives all the time from people who claim to dislike me, even wish I would meet some level of harm.

And you know what? I should’ve left it there. I should’ve walked away at that point and kept quiet, taken the high ground if you will but I didn’t. I posted the email to The Trekzone Plexus Facebook page which promoted a return volley from Alec where he called me a liar, a fake journalist and immature. He also suggested that some of the haters should meet a similar fate to those that suffered during the Spanish Inquisition (whether he was trying to be as funny as Monty Python, I guess we’ll never know.)

I posted that response too, and my followers were divided… with an equal number saying they didn’t care or they don’t see what I was seeing and others agreeing with me. As I was trying to establish, it goes to a pattern of behaviour with Alec.

However, I have decided today that this pettiness is no longer suited to The Trekzone Plexus and it will not be found on official channels any longer. You will notice though that I have not censored those that disagreed with me. And with that said, my personal accounts are another matter.

Additionally, from here on – my standing offer on The Trekzone Spotlight for any member of the Axanar production team is rescinded. I am, however, continuing to pursue interviews with a couple of fans of the production to get their perspective, and more details on that will come later.

The Trekzone Spotlight and 1701NEWS will continue to cover Axanar, with or without production success, at or not at conventions and all their alleged progress… but the personal side of things will be reserved for my personal social media profiles.

Thank you.

– Matt.


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