Saturday, June 15 2024 16:53 AEST

Anson Mount Takes The Captain’s Chair

Sure, we’ve all seen that promo where Anson Mount’s Captain Pike takes the helm of the Discovery as they investigate strange anomalies out in the galaxy, but a clip posted by the actor to his Twitter account has given this blogger a few goosebumps!

In the sixty second clip, Anson takes the centre seat of the Terran Empire constitution-class starship at Star Trek Las Vegas. The interactive display looks the part with 75% of the bridge built and featuring blinky lights, flashing panels and buttons galore.

The actor is visibly moved by the experience, taking in the sight around him as a few onlookers snap some quick photos.

“It’s crazy… it’s really crazy” The actor comments to himself as the camera pans around the detailed display.

Anson Mount stars as Captain Christopher Pike in season two of Star Trek: Discovery coming to CBS All Access in the USA and Netflix around the world in January.
You can also preorder the season one BluRay or DVD now.

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