Saturday, June 15 2024 18:25 AEST

It’s Time To Change

As I prepared to get the sixth season of The Trekzone Spotlight underway for a September 6 return, I got to thinking about the direction of the show, the cost of production (both in time and money) and the quality control that sometimes goes out the window because of various circumstances… I am a one man operation after all.

The biggest thought bubble though was how close this hobby was getting to my paid work.

I could no longer justify spending copious amounts of money on television studios at either end of the production chain, or be satisified with cobbled together attempts at filming at conventions – general B-roll vision of Supanova and Oz Comic Con hold little interest to me, you know what goes into a convention, so instead you want to see the guests and the cosplay and social media’s the perfect outlet for that.

As such it was with a heavy heart I began to list my entire cupboard full of equipment on the Facebook Marketplace, and then watch over the last few days as everything started walking out the door with new owners.  I knew that it was for the best, my work is my work and my hobby should be a hobby, so it was time for The Trekzone Spotlight to wind up after 77 episodes ( Interviews got 13 eps, SciFi Weekly 12.)

But it’s not the end, my friend, oh no.

It is with great excitement that I announce A Trekzone Conversation will take over the reigns as the official podcast of The Trekzone Plexus. ATC will be a true podcast – an audio series. This frees me up to bring guests in on Skype, Phone, ISDN… whatever the case may be and the pictures won’t matter.  I can also return to producing the show at home, the perfect place for a hobby.

Never fear though, because this isn’t the end of the YouTube channel, every episode will still be uploaded there and from time to time some episodes will feature visuals to enhance the conversations you’re hearing – maybe they’ll be photos of something around us while we’re recording or even stills from Trek episodes that we’re talking about.  However, YouTube will no longer be the primary release platform – 1701 NEWS (this website) will be.  Thursday’s will continue to be release day, and ATC will be on deck weekly starting in that September 6 slot… and I’m definitely pursuing the original reason for my podcasting – to interview every SciFi alumni in the world.

I do have to say a parting thanks to The Switch in Los Angeles and New York for always supporting the show with late bookings in amongst their other clients. My thanks also to Network Ten for their support with a couple of guests this year.

Thanks for watching, and here’s to happy listening!

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