Eternal Night Completes It’s Run

With the release of the screenplays, you now know exactly what I was hoping to achieve with Australia’s FIRST Star Trek fan film… and it was going to be epic – too epic for my small budget! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the scripts in their unedited format.

It was a journey that began way back in 2011 when I decided to bring this site out of mothballs, a way of me boosting site traffic with original content. It took 12 months to put together the first season of log entires and another six months to write, produce and edit the season finale (a news bulletin designed to setup B-plots for the third season.)

It was two years later that the second season finally came to fruition after dozens of rewrites, casting calls and all the other fun things fan films go through. But it was to be short lived as I was not happy with the quality of the product I was turning out… the four episodes had not met my hopes and I was not proud of the quality – that is in no way the acting, but rather my editing ability.

Then late last year, after finding the scripts again on an old hard drive, I thought it’d be good to release the scripts and show the world what I had hoped to achieve… this way you could read the scripts and allow your imagination to drift into the 24th century and imagine what was happening.

It all begins with episode one, Investigations, where the Unity One starbase is attacked following the appearance of a shuttlecraft from the future. The sole occupant on board, Ensign Evie Cunningham, claims to be the daughter of our Captain, Ryan Mackenzie.

In episode two, Revelations, after a bomb is detonated on Earth as the Federation commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Dominion War, Captain Mackenzie is abducted by the Romulan Admiral Telorus, where he is reunited with his estranged partner Alicia Cunningham.

A Romulan scout vessel breaches the Neutral Zone in Consequences seeking Starfleet’s help in locating the Third Sarkell Octavo, an ancient scroll which tells the truth behind Chodak and Romulan relations. Meanwhile, Captain Mackenzie is released.

In Omega we learn that the Romulan, Chodak alliance is seeking to harness the power of the Omega molecule. Realising what this means, Starfleet dispatches the Akira-class heavy varient the U.S.S. Agamemnon which Mackenzie takes command of.

Mackenzie and crew wait for the Romulan flagship to make the first move across the Neutral Zone in Allegiances when Starfleet Intelligence learns of Admiral Telorus’ renegade actions. In Realisation, Alicia and Evie are released by Telorus and the trio must confront the truth – about Evie’s place in time and space and Ryan and Alicia’s relationship… as Telorus’ ship suffers a critical blow following a brief battle with another Romulan warbird.

Beachhead sees the Agamemnon on the first true Star Trek style mission – investigating some piece of information to try and stop an invading alien armada. But what they find on the joint Starfleet/Romulan base at Rilem IV leads to more questions than answers.

Closing in on the season finale, our heros continue to search for the Octavo in Caution which will hopefully pursude the Romulans to not join the Chodak attack on Starfleet which, according to Evie, is what seals the fate of the Federation… as the Ninth fleet monitors the buildup of Chodak forces at Rilem IV.

Pursuing the Octavo to the New Melbourne colony, Ryan, Alicia and Mendak come away empty handed in Missing the second last episode of the season. Racing back to join the Ninth fleet, the Agamemnon is attacked by a Chodak cruiser with Borg power signatures (in anticipation of another plot thread in season three.)

And finally Checkmate, the season finale, where everything comes to a head. We’re engaged in an epic battle where Starfleet aren’t the guaranteed winners. The Agamemnon is destroyed and all hope seems lost… (you’ll just have to read the screenplay to see what happens!…)

I hope you enjoyed this retrospective on the season that never really was, and be on the look out for my next fan film – Once More With Feeling – coming in 2018.

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