Once More With Feeling : That’s A Wrap! Six Actors; Four Crew; One Greenscreen

It’s been a week since production began on Once More With Feeling, the next Aussie Star Trek fan film and I’ve had a chance to reflect on the positives, and the negatives, of the two shoot days which now lead into some serious post production.

Firstly, lets start with the positives… this was my first film shoot and the first time I’ve had actors play out the words I put to paper twelves months previously. It’s a surreal experience to watch your story come to life by a talented bunch of people and a little humbling too.

Jeremy, Chloe, Ian, Alexander, Adam and Gavin all performed at their best for each and every scene, they were passionate and determined – even if they only had a smattering of Trek knowledge (except for Ian, he’s a mad keen Trekkie!) The technobabble wasn’t hard for anyone and the battle scene was fun to watch come to life in this behind-the-scenes style.

The emotional opening and closing scenes were beautifully crafted by Jeremy and Chloe, with Gavin joining in for the closing scenes. Makeup by Ali Knapton was elegant for everyone to remove the shine of the studio lights, while adding some creative flair with a scrape to Chloe’s arm and some scars on Gavin’s face.

Perth film maker, and three time guest on The Trekzone Spotlight, Aaron Vanderkley worked alongside Liam and myself on the camera and boom mic to pull off a smooth and professional production and I appreciate both of their support very much. At times it was a little hectic and the ‘on the fly’ style made it a little slow to keep moving, but everyone has since praised the style of how we worked – and that’s a testament to how well everyone worked together.

Enjoy these behind the scenes stills, stand by for sneak peaks as the editing continues and get ready for the premiere on July 8!

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