Axanar Appears To Lurch Forward

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UPDATE: Sphinxcon information has been found by a 1701NEWS reader:

It appears convention goers will be shuttled to the for-profit studio where the Star Trek fan film is allegedly being made for a meet and greet with the guests. Ticket holders will also get a tour and some photo ops on the bridge of the Ares from Star Trek: Axanar. Interesting.


In a sign Alec is interested in making the two 15 minute episodes of Axanar, almost eighteen months after the lawsuit was settled, a call out has been sent by the producer of the infamous production for volunteers to help build out the remainder of the bridge set.

This comes after Alec’s recent admissions that the bridge set probably wont see the light of day in the final fan films and that the final product will be released in 2019, despite having most, if not all, of the visual effects done.

Alec’s post on the Atlanta Volunteer’s group states he wants completion by November in time for something called Sphinx Con, yet the to do list is a mile long – including electrical work, carpet laying, graphics creation, printing and applying to consoles, animated graphics for the monitors surrounding the bridge… and presumably computers to power said monitors.

It’s a tall order from the man that’s put more time into responding to critics rather than actually getting on with making the fan film.

Time will tell.

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  • out of curiosity, I looked up ‘SphinxCon’. I am not sure I found the right one, but the one I found actually sounds pretty awesome. Apparently, it is a Military SF con centered around David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” book series. But it looks like it is mostly, or even completely, focused on the Harrington stuff, so a presence of a Star trek fan film seems out of place. (though I would certainly recommend any star trek fan film maker working on any kind of space combat read these books….star trek has always been a bit soft, and not very tactically impressive, when it comes to space combat, and finding inspiration from something like this is bound to make your combat scenes stand out…)

    then again, since it does have nothing to do with star trek, I might have found the wrong convention…. the one I found has its info at

    • Interesting, well I wouldn’t put it past Alec to set up at a random convention — he’s setup at other random events before.

      But you also need to create opportunities to get exposure, God knows Alec needs a boost to his flock…

      As for flaky battle sequences in Star Trek, I encourage you to check out Trekzone’s upcoming fan film – Once More With Feeling… which takes a real naval battle into a Star Trek setting.

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