Top 16 Cliffhangers

Well, the first week has passed us by of the new Trekzone Plexus Twitter Feed and I hope you enjoyed traveling up the list of the best cliffhangers.  Not all of them needed to be two parters to lead to mass amounts of speculation once those end credits rolled, and not all of them got a deserved follow up…

From episodes that left us wondering their fate (the Voth) to episodes that had us questioning whether we knew all along (In Purgatory’s Shadow) this list represents my thoughts on how Star Trek teased us throughout the 744 episodes of the franchise.

  1. Assignment Earth (special mention)
  2. Gambit: Part I
  3. Basics: Part I
  4. Future’s End: Part I
  5. Distant Origin
  6. Dead Stop
  7. Regeneration
  8. Into the Forest I Go
  9. Vaulting Ambition
  10. Past Tense: Part I
  11. In Purguatory’s Shadow
  12. Tears of the Prophets
  13. Redemption: Part I
  14. Zero Hour
  15. Unimatrix Zero: Part I
  16. The Best of Both Worlds: Part I

What do you think? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts or list!

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