Australia’s Next Star Trek Fan Film Is Here!

In Once More With Feeling, The Trekzone Spotlight

The U.S.S. Sydney, en route to Earth following the end of the Dominion War, receives a coded message on a Starfleet emergency frequency…

Jeremy Levi as Captain Donovan Lindsay
Chloe-Jean Vincent as Alicia
Gavin Cowie as Captain Mike Ellis
Ian Bolga as Commander Elliot Hanley
Alexander Circosta as Lieutenant William Clement
Adam Jones as Ensign Vic Cawley

1st Assistant Director: Aaron Vanderkley
Historical Advisor: Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Ret’d)
Make Up Artist: Ali Knapton
Visual Effects: Maria Pena and Samuel Cockings
Music By: Dennis McCarthy

Lisa Miller
Damien Kelly and Melissa Kelly
Janet Gershen-Siegel

Written and Directed By:
Matthew Miller

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  • Considering your budget along with the retrains placed by CBS, not a bad story. CGI is good.

    • Correction: “With your budget and considering the restraints placed by CBS, not a bad story. CGI and art work are well done. Congratulations! “

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