Chapter IV : An Untitled Star Trek Fan Production

Throughout the fifteen years of – now The Trekzone Plexus, fan fiction and films have never been too far away from the center of attention and only one week on from the successful launch of Once More With Feeling, my first live action love letter to the Star Trek franchise, it’s time to release some sneaky snippets about the exciting next chapter in my fan film contribution.

In 2019 we’re going back to the grass roots of the United Federation of Planets, we’re going back to a time when space was much, much bigger and there were dangers in every sector.  It was a time when the Vulcans, Andorians and Humans were still learning to get along for the advancement of scientific knowledge and peaceful exploration. We arrive in Earth orbit some years after the devastating Romulan War and we’re off to find the identity of a small attack force hampering efforts to establish the Sierra outposts along the newly gazetted Neutral Zone between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.

Feedback has been coming thick and fast for the past week about the pros and cons of OMWF and I’ve read them all… but this time we’re going all out, costumes, props, sets, that amazing CGI from Sam Cockings… and… locations… lots of locations.

That’s all for now, pre-production will run until the end of the year with filming slated to start around March 2019 with releases set for mid year.


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