BREAKDOWN: Discovery’s Second Season Trailer

San Diego Comic Con is a Mecca for nerds planet wide, as dozens of trailers, first looks, sneak peaks, concept art, gameplay B roll and more are released over the weekend.  For this intrepid blogger it’s hard to keep up with it all, on top of working insane hours for my full time employer… but your here for my first impression and the breakdown of the Discovery season two trailer, so lets dive in!

We open with Burnham narrating about the desire of space mixed with some pretty cool visuals, ok cool – Michael is back for season two, all must be forgiven about her attempted mutiny and actions last season.

Smash cut to the closing moment of season one – the Discovery meeting Enterprise, still a cool shot, no matter what the TOS purists say. We then learn that Christopher Pike is taking command of the ship and charting a course towards seven red bursts spanning 30, 000 light years. Interesting setup for the next adventure… are we traveling across these 30,000 light years in one season? Man, Janeway’ll be pissed that she didn’t have a spore drive at her disposal…

Is it a greeting? Is it a declaration of malice? Lets go find out.  Throw in a montage of the awesome crew that we’ve gotten to know over the past fifteen episodes (sure, their characters could do with some fleshing out, but can you name me one series that had a totally satisfying opening season?)  The music is up tempo and on point for a trailer – even a Star Trek trailer – built and airing in the year 2018.

We then pause for a moment and learn that Spock has taken leave, he’s connected to these red bursts.  Could this be entangled with the Jellyfish, the Nerada and the destruction of Romulus which brought about the JJ-verse? (Well, you don’t know either…)

More montage and up tempo music, some cool visuals – those new uniforms are on point, merging slowly but surely towards to TOS.

Then the title card and an awesome turbolift moment with the Saurian Linus with a throat tickle… he sneezes onto the wall some giant goop of bile and SCENE. Early 2019.


Wowee, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype that CBS and Netflix are building here, but I’m tempered by the fact that it seems to be another season of action, explosions and tense moments — sure they’re cool and all, but Star Trek is about more than that, it’s about exploration and meeting new life… without resorting to conflict.  Still, I know as well as most that there are different versions of trailers and this is but our first look at the next season of new Trek!

I’m also tempered by the knowledge that the show runners were dumped after blowing the budget on the opening episodes, so this could all radically change when the season premieres!


Still, I can’t wait for more.

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