What’s In Store For Discovery Season Two?

With STLV just three days away where we’ll be inundated with more tidbits about the forthcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery, what can we expect to hear?  Only the showrunners and the panel organisers know, but lets dive into what we DO know…


Rebecca Romijn.

Rebecca Romijn has been confirmed cast for the role made famous by Majel Barrett in the original pilot, Number One.  It was a position on the Enterprise deemed impossible by 1960’s standards, that makes for a fantastic inclusion in this refreshment of the original era. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight late last week, Romijn said,

“When they fit me for that uniform, I was teary-eyed. Because [the show] was shot in the ‘60s, we’ve gone with a little bit of a ‘60s flair, which is great. And being there on set, there’s a ‘60s vibe on set. The production is amazing. Just walking through the stages up there, it’s gorgeous — really, really beautiful sets.”

Rebecca has confirmed that she has filmed some scenes for the show, but didn’t spill on how many episodes she’ll appear in.



Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike.

Bridging the gap between Enterprise and The Original Series proved to be a touchy subject last year when the jumpsuits made a return, in the timeline ten years before TOS, it marked the first time (the last time?) Starfleet appears to have left the uniforms largely unchanged for a prolonged period (four uniform variants in TNG era, four in TOS/Movies.)

But following on from a discussion with David Mack about the tie in novels where some of the visual variations were explained in a simple, yet elegant, manner we appear to have some further proof there are a few uniforms in service for officers to choose from, as the fantastic re-imagining continues.



The mysterious red bursts.

Captain Pike has taken over Discovery using regulation 19 section C, there have been seven mysterious red bursts spread out over 30, 000 light years.  What are they? Why does Pike need Discovery? (The spore drive perhaps? Unique equipment on board?)

By the way, what are those spherical pod things? Whose attacking the ship? What’s Spock’s connection to all this? Am I in the neighborhood when I jump to the Jellyfish, the Hobus star and Romulus? Spock there supposedly used Red matter which should’ve worked.


We’ll be left to wonder until the series returns in 2019, and given some taste tests in just a few days time.

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