Star Trek 4 In Doubt Over Pay Dispute

Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have reportedly walked away from negotiations for their services on the upcoming Star Trek movie. The rest of the principal cast are expected to follow.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Pine and Hemsworth are asking the studios to stixk to existing deals made during the lead up to Star Trek Beyond, however sources tell THR that Paramount is contending that Star trek is not like a Marvel or Star wars movie and is trying to gold the line on a budget.

While Marvel makes about $700 million at the box office, Beyond made $343 million, only just turning a profit after a budget of $190 million.

Noted Trek historian and Portal 47 Chief Diver Larry Nemecek said on Facebook:

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why there’s a difference between film and TV. And why a (sic.) Star Trek should always stay grounded on the latter.

It’s unclear what this development means for the future of Star Trek 4 but THR claims this to be a priority project for Paramount, so there could be a recast of Kirk and his father or the parties could come back to the table.

Either way, this movie will be taking a major step forward for Star Trek movies, with S.J. Clarkson of Jessica Jones fame at the helm.

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