Episode Reviews Are Moving

In an effort to streamline workflows and integrate the one brand on-line, I’ve decided to move the entire TREKZONE.org catalogue over to this site – and rename ‘1701NEWS’ back to TREKZONE.org News.

As part of this move, all 740+ episodes and the 13 movies will be migrating across to this site over the coming weeks before the old site is closed off from the public and maintenance ceased. (You’ll still be able to access it, if you have a link or if you know the file structure…)

Right now, all fifteen season one episodes of Discovery are available now, right here. The Animated Adventures are next, then the original series, Enterprise, TNG, DS9 & Voyager.


This post will update with links as the episodes are ported.

16/8 – Discovery is online
17/8 – TAS is now online!
11/1 – DS9 ported
17/1 – TOS ported
18/1 – ENT ported
20/1 – TNG ported
22/1 – VOY ported
6/7 – Work on the Movies begins

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