EDITORIAL: “Tardigrades” Lawsuit Has Little Hope

The lawsuit filed this morning has little hope of making it to the jury trial nor being granted the injunction sought, in this blogger’s opinion.  And I’ll tell you why independent game developer Anas Abdin’s legal claims against CBS and Paramount won’t hold any water – or make any meaningful wave upon the firmament.

Examination of the thirteen page court document obtained by Trekzone reveals that Kuwaiti based Abdin demands a jury trial in the southern district of New York, an immediate injunction against the continued exhibition of the copyright infringing works, as well as payment of damages to the sum of the profit made by CBS and Netflix.  The document notes that the defendants were fully aware of the plaintiff’s copyrighted works and “willfully and improperly developed, produced, filmed and released the infringing work.”

Here’s what I see wrong… firstly, Abdin has filed the suit against CBS Broadcasting, not CBS Studios – the actual makers of Star Trek: Discovery. Secondly, the defense would have a very strong case to argue irreparable harm if the injunction was granted.  Thirdly, that sum of the profit is well over the hundreds of millions of dollars and is a significant amount of money for an inde game developer to be demanding from a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company.  I’m not saying that CBS or any other studio shouldn’t be held to account, quite the opposite, however the way Abdin has conducted himself here, the timing and the way he’s gone about this smacks of an attempt to profit off the successful series, once success has been shown. (Why now? Why not mid-season?)

Abdin has been invited onto A Trekzone Conversation, I wait to see if he’ll accept the invitation.

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