CBS “Promised” To “Stop Using Tardigrades”

A YouTuber has weighed into the Tardigrades dispute with a video posted yesterday on their channel.

Ketwolski is an advocate of Abdin, fully supporting the Kuwaiti based game developer.  The Ketwolski video states that in the last communication between CBS and Abdin, the studio agreed to:

  • Stop using tardigrades on Star Trek: Discovery, and,
  • Not sue Abdin for his use of tardigrades.

Interestingly Ketwolski does not supply any evidence or confirmation as to how he has this information – yet he remains steadfast in his support of Abdin.

Analysing these two new pieces of information, if they are indeed true, one could argue that the use of tardigrades will cease from season two – especially given that the entire first season was already completed at the time of Abdin’s initial complaint.  Additionally, CBS’ assertion that they won’t sue could be designed to prevent Abdin from benefiting (read: copying) in the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of design work and CGI that went into developing the characters for Discovery. will continue to provide updates on this case as they develop.

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